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Overwhelmed by Medicare?

It can be hard to sort through all of the enrollment choices and make a decision you feel comfortable about. That’s why CAP Insurance offers Free Medicare Workshops tailored to help you!

There are many different Medicare options ranging from the original plan to Medicare Advantage plans, supplemental plans and more. It seems like the number of choices just multiplies your questions. If you’re investigating your Medicare options, you simply want to find the best coverage at the best possible price. However, taking the time to investigate each of the plans thoroughly is tedious and time consuming. Read below to learn more about our Medicare Workshops:

CAP Insurance wants to help you have the coverage that’s best for you so that you can stay healthy without excessive out-of-pocket expenses that threaten your financial security. We can answer your questions; such as:


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Here at CAP insurance, we know that everyone is different and has different Medicare needs!

For this reason, we take the time to offer you a comprehensive overview of the different available Medicare plans so that you can gain a better understanding of how each works, and thus choose the path that seems to fit your needs best. It’s our goal to help you discover which Medicare plan will offer you the best value.

Our Workshops

Save time and stress by attending one of our free educational Medicare workshops. This will eliminate much of your time spent on research that can be confusing and burdensome. Through one of our workshops, you can learn about all of the different Medicare plans all at once in one place.

After our presentation, you’ll have the opportunity to speak with our staff and ask questions specific to your situation. If you settle on a plan, you can also make an appointment with one of our representatives to discuss the details of the enrollment process. In addition, we can also set up an appointment to clarify any additional questions you may have.