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Medicare Supplemental Insurance Agency in Chino

Senior citizens come to a crossroad when they’re nearing the age of 65. Medicare coverage can be a daunting task to understand and decide on what kind of coverage and plan you need for today and your future. Whether you want standard Medicare (Part A & Part B) or a Medicare Advantage Plan (Part C), the agents at CAP Insurance Services in Chino will build a plan catered to your specific needs. If you want Medicare Supplement coverage to cover the gaps of Medicare Parts A & B or have prescription drugs, our insurance agents work with virtually every health insurance carrier. If there is a plan option available to you, we know it and will explain it to you in no uncertain terms. Don’t try to navigate the complicated waters of Medicare on your own; rely on a trusted broker with decades of experience. CAP Insurance Services will answer all of your questions about Medicare, and lead you to the right plan.

We make choosing the right Medicare Supplement Plan Simple.

Finding the right insurance agency or broker is easy with CAP Insurance Services, our agents put the needs of our clients first. We find comprehensive coverage for you and create a custom tailored policy for a Medicare Supplement plan.

Our agents utilize the CAP Formula which includes assessing your health condition and the medical history of your family members. We identify all possible health related concerns you might encounter, allowing us to give you a much more informed choice of what you need in an insurance plan and what isn’t covered by Medicare such as prescription drugs, copayments, deductibles and more.


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What Our Clients Say

“We researched to find out if the coverage that Craig at CAP Insurance Services was quoting us was competitive. As indicated, we found many term policies but none with the benefits for the price that CAP Insurance Services provided. Craig took us through the process of determining our needs and we feel that we have the protection that we need should anything happen. Thank you Craig for all you did.”

– Mr. and Mrs. Gary T, Chino Hills, CA

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A Customized Insurance Plan catered to your Medicare Needs.

No two seniors have the same health risks, or Medicare Plans. CAP Insurance Services meets the needs of each qualified senior citizen. Some people are not used to our level of customer service. We take the time to ask all the right questions, because we know that the right plan can save you a lot of money, and provide you excellent health coverage.

Service of this quality requires extensive experience and astute knowledge of the industry and its many health care plans. Our happiest clients are the ones who trust us to do what they cannot, or don’t have the time for – mastering the healthcare industry. Let us put our extensive knowledge base to work for you, so that you can attain the security and peace of mind needed to enjoy life and face its many challenges.