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Individual and Family Healthcare Insurance Policies

ifi image 02When people look for an individual health insurance policy for themselves or their family, they do so for a variety of reasons. Perhaps they qualify for a certain level of insurance through the public exchange. Maybe the company they work for does not offer insurance. Or maybe they do have a plan, but the plan is expensive or doesn’t provide enough coverage. Maybe the individual wants a specific doctor or network. Or maybe they can afford to be selective.

CAP Insurance Services is the best broker available for individuals and families looking for health insurance. We’ve been in business for forty years, and in that time, we have established strong ties to all the major players in the health insurance game. If there is a policy out there that can cover you or your family, we know about it, and we know who can offer it to you at the lowest price.

CAP Insurance Services: A Broker Worth Your Time – and Money

In case you are wondering whether or not it is worth it to use a broker, it is! First and foremost, it won’t cost you a dime! That’s because the premiums for your insurance plan have commissions built into them, whether you use a broker or not. So if you don’t use a broker, you won’t be saving any money. This affords you the opportunity to discuss how to get the most out of your money – both in the form of a less expensive policy, and the right coverage for yourself and your family.

An expert broker will take the time to ask you exactly what you need your coverage to do. At CAP Insurance Services, our professionals take this time to make sure you are getting the best possible plan to fit your health and financial goals. We do this using our very own CAP Formula, which is our proven step-by-step method for insuring success with our clients. We take these extra steps because we care about you. We insist that you be happy with your policy when you buy it, and when the time comes to use it.

Step one of our process is simple: We meet with you to learn your goals for your plan and identify gaps in your current coverage. This provides direction when we move to step two, where we thoroughly examine your current policy, to understand why it is not doing the things you need it to, or where we can save you money. Finally, we examine the available plans on the market and match you with the one that fits your needs and the needs of your family, at the best possible price.

Clarity is Power

To use the CAP Formula to effect, you need to be experts in the field of health insurance. Because we study health insurance markets all day, week in and week out, we are aware of any notable market changes, and any new policies that come along. Most of our individual and family policies are sold to people who have neither the desire nor the time to become experts at insurance policies. Comparing policies is not as simple as comparing coverages. Understanding the nuances of when policies are in force and measuring risk against your premium expense require expert knowledge of the insurance industry. We put that understanding to work for you.

When the time comes to offer you policy options, we take complex coverage concepts and spell them out for you in simplest terms. This meeting saves you an incredible amount of time because you are gaining the result of countless hours of expert analysis, which you then use to make a practical choice to protect the health of yourself and your family. Quite simply, this service is too valuable to put a price on. When it comes to your health, there is no reason not to go the extra mile. Remember – you are not paying extra for our services!

Health Insurance is Only the Beginning

CAP Insurance Services is a full-service insurance company. When it comes to individuals and families, we offer all kinds of insurance products. Here are a few:

  • Life Insurance (Whole and Term policies)
  • Group Health Insurance
  • Medicare
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment
  • Short-Term Disability
  • Long-Term Disability
  • Auto Insurance (through a strategic partner)
  • Homeowners Insurance (through a strategic partner)

Once you see the level of customer service that we can provide for you and your family, we are confident that you will trust us to help you with these other insurance needs. Again, these insurance products require an excellent command of the insurance industry, professional relationships, and years of study. We put all this to work for you, with every policy we offer.

CAP Insurance Services- The Best Choice for Brokerage Services

CAP Insurance Services has been around for forty years, and we’re not going anywhere. Unlike most brokerage houses that offer policies, our product is service. We get you the best policy available – bar none. If you want an expert broker with an eye for quality, count on us to help you find the policy you need.

When it comes to you or your family, your health is too precious to leave to chance. Many unfortunate people have found themselves with a policy that didn’t have all the coverage they wanted. To make things work for yourself and your family, you need the services of an expert broker with four decades of experience. Count on CAP Insurance Services to provide the very best health insurance products and services for you and your family.

CAP Insurance Services Holds All the Keys to Success

We know that the world of small business insurance is not for the faint of heart. There are many costs and nuances to account for. Who do you trust more? Your own expertise? Or the seasoned skill of a dedicated professional team with four decades of experience building and maintaining solid relationships with every insurance carrier in your market? As stated earlier, there is no plan you can purchase or build that we cannot find at the best possible rate. And our knowledge in the area of plan management is also unrivaled: We work very hard to empower you and your team so that they can make your plan work for you moving forward.

If the time has come to provide healthcare for your employees, call us for a free consultation. Let us discuss your goals while elaborating further on how we can assist you. No matter what your history is, or the unique challenges of your company and workforce, we are confident we can provide an option for you that will save you money, add value to your business, and provide crucial coverage for your employees. Let us be the strategic partner you need for your healthcare plan now, and moving forward.

What Our Clients Say

“We researched to find out if the coverage that Craig at CAP Insurance Services was quoting us was competitive. As indicated, we found many term policies but none with the benefits for the price that CAP Insurance Services provided. Craig took us through the process of determining our needs and we feel that we have the protection that we need should anything happen. Thank you Craig for all you did.”

– Mr. and Mrs. Gary T, Chino Hills, CA

CAP Insurance Services testimonial

A Customized Insurance Plan catered to your Business Needs.

No two companies have the same work force. CAP Insurance Services meets the needs of each business that needs coverage for their employees. We take great pride in providing a custom tailored solution for each of our clients. We take time to ask all the right questions, because we know that the right plan can save you a lot of money and provide you excellent health coverage.

Service of this quality requires extensive experience and astute knowledge of the industry and its many health care plans. Our happiest clients are the ones who trust us to do what they cannot, or don’t have the time for – mastering the healthcare industry. Let us put our extensive knowledge base to work for you, so that you can attain the security and peace of mind needed to enjoy life and face its many challenges.