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Your Best Option for Group Health Insurance in Southern California

CAP Insurance Services provides comprehensive consulting and brokerage services when the time comes to insure your small business. Whether you are about to offer benefits for the first time, or whether you want to find a better policy or conduct a compliance review, CAP Insurance Services provides reliable expertise for both finding the very best policy on the market and making sure your business practices keep you within the law. We work closely with your HR department to make sure your choices match your business goals, and we provide ongoing support so that you can become self-sufficient with respect to managing your health plan and other HR operations.

Group Insurance Services in Southern California

Group Health Insurance Overview

Group Health Insurance Overview

First Time Coverage for Group Health Insurance

First Time Coverage

Compliance Review for Group Insurance

Compliance Review

What Our Clients Say

“We researched to find out if the coverage that Craig at CAP Insurance Services was quoting us was competitive. As indicated, we found many term policies but none with the benefits for the price that CAP Insurance provided. Craig took us through the process of determining our needs and we feel that we have the protection that we need should anything happen. Thank you, Craig, for all you did.”

– Mr. and Mrs. Gary T, Chino Hills, CA

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Vendor Resources for CAP Insurance Services

Vendor Resources

A Customized Insurance Plan Catered To Your Needs.

When it comes to health insurance, no two people have the same needs. Whether you are insuring an individual, a family, or a group, CAP Insurance Services uses the CAP Formula to evaluate your goals and find a plan that covers all the bases. We take the time to ask you the right questions because understanding your needs is critical for getting this process right. Our happiest clients are the ones that trust us to guide them through the complexities of health insurance. Our knowledge of the industry allows us to figure out what plans or coverages will work for you and your unique situation.