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About Us

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CAP Insurance Service began its journey in 1978. The journey began with Craig learning the industry through Health, Life, Disability and Annuity sales. Within a few years Craig gained enough momentum to branch out on his own and begin building his agency to what CAP Insurance is today. Through that process we have served our clients with Life, Annuities, Disability, Business Liability, Workers Comp, Group Health, Group Dental, Voluntary Benefits, Individual Health, Medicare, and Retirement Income. As our industry continues to grow and take on a new shape we look for new ways to provide our clients with the best plans and best service possible.

Through the years CAP Insurance Services has grown in many ways. This year as we are embarking on another successful year we look forward to the opportunity to discuss all your needs as a business and any of your personal insurance needs. Our team is designed to fit the needs of many types of clients; here is some info on the capabilities and knowledge of our dedicated team:

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Craig Prince

As stated above Craig’s background is quite diverse. His current focus is on Medicare, Life, Disability, and Retirement Income, Key man insurance and Business Buy-out policy. Craig enjoys one-on-one with his clients to find the specific need of each employee or individual involved in the process. Awards garnered in the industry are a testament to the devotion he has to his clients.  

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Joshua Prince

Started his career in 2013. He has been mentored by his father Craig Prince whom has been in the industry since 1978. Josh has been trained by all the carriers that are available in the small group and individual markets. He specializes in small group benefits. His passion to understand  product design and network availability thus allowing him to help you our client to select a plan the meets the budget yet creates a retention tool to retain quality talent in your business.

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Lori Hernandez

Started her career in 1987 as a receptionist and was quickly groomed to move into the service side of the industry. Her career has taken her through the following jobs: Marketing, Team Leader, Underwriter, Sales, Independent Agent, Sr. Account Manager and to her current role as Key Accounts Leader. With her diverse background she has

developed a very strong customer service based background. She also has a unique talent of understanding our clients’ needs and pain points. Her focus is always on the need of the client and finding the best outcome for all.

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Jolie Tuchscher

Started her career in 1997 as a receptionist. She moved into the supply department where her knowledge base grew on products thus growing her interest on the service and sales side of insurance. She served as a Customer Service Representative, Inside Broker Representative & Underwriter. She moved to the agency side where she has worked as an Account Manager and gained a vast knowledge on how to serve the client community.

Our Goal

Our Team goal is to build a dynamic relationship with you, our client, and to become your “Trusted Adviser”. We will achieve this through our desire to serve our clients’ needs through integrity, trust in providing you with valued products, programs and vendor resources.

A Customized Insurance Plan Catered To Your Needs.

For those who are turning 65, the time has come to explore your options for signing up for Medicare. This service is provided by the US Government’s Department of Social Services, and is available to all seniors.

The good news: Medicare has a variety of coverage options that enable each individual to create an insurance portfolio that is tailored to handle their own individual medical needs and risk profile.