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When it Comes to Health Insurance, CAP Insurance Services has got you Covered

If you need health insurance for yourself or your family or want to offer it to your employees, there are many advantages to choosing the right broker. At CAP Insurance Services, we have a custom tailored approach to finding health insurance plans that meet your needs and budget.

Since 1978, we’ve taken the time to understand the goals of our clients by asking them the right questions to determine their specific insurance needs and building strong relationships with over 100 insurance companies, we are able to match you with the most comprehensive health insurance plan at the lowest possible cost.

We are able to create the right plan for your unique needs through a  process we call the “CAP Formula”. Our first step is identifying the coverage you want, and the gaps in your current coverage. The second step is evaluating your current plan to determine what changes need to be made. The final step is finding and presenting to you the plan that meets your expectations – at the best available price. Whether you are looking for something to complement your employee health plan, finding the right Medicare coverage or know what will best serve your individual health insurance needs, we find you the best plan that will suit your needs!

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Group Health Insurance

CAP Insurance Services provides comprehensive consulting and brokerage services when the time comes to provide group insurance for your business. Whether you are about to offer benefits for the first time, want to find a better policy for your employees, or conduct a compliance review, the professionals at CAP Insurance Services will identify the gaps in your current coverage, and make recommendations for attaining the plan you want for your group insurance.

We then find the very best policy on the market for meeting your needs while making sure your business practices keep you within the law. We work closely with the business owner(s) and the HR department to make sure your choices match your business goals, and we provide ongoing support so that you can become self-sufficient with respect to managing your health plan and other HR operations.

Medicare Supplemental Insurance

If you are turning 65, you may be overwhelmed by all of the many options for Medicare coverage. Whether you want standard Medicare (Parts A & B) to be your primary approach or a Medicare Advantage Plan (Part C), CAP Insurance Services in Chino has the right Medicare plan for you. Our insurance agents will identify your needs to find any gaps in your current plan and then determine the best plan for you. We work with every major provider of Medicare solutions, so no matter what supplemental coverage you want or what prescription plans you need to cover the prescriptions you take, we can find the most competitive rate for your plan. Don’t try to navigate the complex waters of Medicare on your own; rely on a trusted broker with decades of experience. CAP Insurance Services will answer all of your questions about Medicare, and lead you to the right plan.

Meet Our Team at CAP Insurance Services in Chino, Ca – Providing 39 Year of Insurance Expertise


CAP Insurance Services began its journey in 1978. The journey began with Craig A Prince learning the industry through Health, Life, Disability and Annuity sales with a captive insurance company. Within a few years, Craig gained enough momentum to branch out on his own and begin building his agency to what CAP Insurance Services is today. Through that process we have served our clients with Life, Annuities, Disability, Business Liability, Workers Comp, Group Health, Group Dental, Voluntary Benefits, Individual Health, Medicare, and Retirement Planning. As our industry continues to grow and take on a new shape we look for new ways to provide our clients with the best plans and best service possible.

What is the CAP Formula?

CAP Insurance Services utilizes a process known as the “CAP Formula” to offer you the best health insurance plan on the market for meeting your needs. We take into consideration your family situation and realize that financial independence begins with the family… even if it is a family of 1. We consider your occupation and realize that unless you are already retired, most people aspire to a “work optional” lifestyle. We also realize that your world is not insurance and retirement planning so we strive to understand your recreational pursuits a.k.a. your bucket list. We also concern ourselves with your financial position, the money, and work with you to get where you want to be.

When it comes to insurance, especially health insurance, we start by asking you the right set of questions to understand your healthcare needs. This allows us to examine your current coverage and identify the gaps between it and the coverage you want. Second, we thoroughly evaluate your current policy, looking for ways to improve it. Finally, we do an exhaustive search of the available policies to find the one that gives you the coverage you want – at the best possible price.

Our CAP Formula is an effective and proven method of providing the coverage you want. The key to making our system work is caring about you – the client. By understanding your healthcare needs, we’re able to provide you the peace of mind you deserve when it comes to your health insurance.

What Our Clients Say

“We researched to find out if the coverage that Craig at CAP Insurance Services was quoting us was competitive. As indicated, we found many term policies but none with the benefits for the price that CAP Insurance Services provided. Craig took us through the process of determining our needs and we feel that we have the protection that we need should anything happen. Thank you Craig for all you did.”

– Mr. and Mrs. Gary T, Chino Hills, CA

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A Customized Insurance Plan Catered To Your Needs.

When it comes to health insurance policies or plans, no two people have the same needs. Whether you need Medicare supplemental insurance, insuring an individual, a family, or a group, CAP Insurance Services uses the CAP Formula to evaluate your goals and find a plan that covers all the bases. We take the time to ask you the right questions because understanding your needs is critical for getting this process right. Our happiest clients are the ones that trust us to guide them through the complexities of health insurance. Our knowledge of the industry allows us to figure out what plans or coverages will work for you and your unique situation.